One Day

We can only live within

these parenthesis of a day.

A compartment that

begins and ends and is

over until the next one


We get to choose what

we do.

The hours will only

fit in so much.

So pick wisely.

Some things are

such a gift

you just have

to give thanks

you had the

strength to

accomplish them.

Then your hours

are up until the

next day.


Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

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I could go to bed without writing.

I need to find a job I love.

(or love the one you’re with)

This hobby is a meager

substitute as rewarding as

it is.

I am getting better at

expressing myself verbally.

I am surprised at my

own ability.  I think

a lot of it is from the

writing I do.  And I

didn’t know I knew

so many words.

That may sink in

from the reading I’ve

done, yet when I reach

for a word I’m not sure

of, I look it up & it fits.

Other times my brain

seems to be in the shop.

I think exercise & strict

adherence to as healthy

habits as I can muster–

all of us are comfort food

tempted at times–helps,

so all that adds up to

better functionality.


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New to me

Thank you for the air

that’s cleaned by the rain

so I can breathe again.

People who you expect not

to care, blow you away

with their compassion

and humanity.

Language is no barrier

to the heart.

The things I discover

when I open up to

something new

something different

and untried

by me and probably

so many more

who fail to venture

forth against common

sense, flying in the face

of fear and let the chips

fall where they may

are amazing.


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Reds & Yellows

The leaves yield

to the rain

mosaically cast


across the

wet ground.

No wind will

blow them


There to


the reds, the


all co-mingling,

even on a single


my eyes hit a


with no

artist present

to capture,

as I alone

walked in

the rain.


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As far as I can see

I can only follow as far as I can


When I run out of light,

I walk in the darkness.

I wish I had a map

and a flashlight.

A tablet of ten command-


I’d follow them to

the letter

trusting they would

lead me out.

So I use my other

senses–ones not

so sharp from disuse.

But they’re better than


to lead me on.

I don’t even wish for

certainty (oh, only

a little bit) any

more, as that is

mostly folly & what

I find when I arrive

is not usually what

I had anticipated.



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A High Lamp

I hold a lamp up high

in order to see the best

that life has to offer…

I’m sure I will find it

if I look enough.

It could be just around

the corner, it could be

here now, ready to manifest

into physical reality,

take form and substance.

Or it could still be in

my mind, like an egg,

ready to be hatched–

the fiendish plans of

mice and men.

I may not even know

what life has in store

for me like a surprise

birthday, it just appears

totally out of the blue.

I’ll keep my lamp on

for all and any of

these possible outcomes.

And held high.


Photography © Dennis Frates Photography


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Use Me

Use me.

Universe, I’m yours.

I don’t know what

we can create. I have

a lot to offer–use it.

I don’t even realize

all that I can do.

The world’s an

especially needy

place at this time.

Use me to help

heal it.  Give me the

courage to step into

the vast unknown.

We can never know

what will come of

our decisions.  All we

can do is see what does.


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Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, mirror

Who’s the mightiest in the land?

The fairest of all?

Not me or you says the mirror.

Take a look at yourself.

Fair?  Hardly so.  You are

awesome!  Way beyond fair.

Now you tell me.

You didn’t ask until now.


How about finding me an

awesome match

made in heaven.

I’m looking for a good


I’ll look around

the mirror responds.

See what I can

come up with.


Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

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Slow & Low

I thought just being in a

weight lifting shop

would give me some strength.

Much to my surprise, I had to

actually come home, get my

weights out, and lift them.

Miracle of miracles–strength!

My mood is better, I feel more

confident and here it is in the

middle of the night, and no

place to go!

If I’m careful, I don’t hurt

my back.  I start slow & low

and build up.  Not like me

at all, formerly:  I start high

and fast and voila, hurt

myself.  I think I’m getting

the hang of some parts of life

I had no clue to before.


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I feel like a bird with a broken wing

in relationships, new ones esp., sometimes.

want to open my feelings, but I’m

ever so cautious and much, even most

of the time, shut off from sharing

who I am at that moment.

Even the good times can overwhelm me.

I may be caught off guard, surprised, but

I can recover and come back.

We learn in baby steps…from the alphabet

to publishing our novel.  If you don’t

know your ABC’s not much else is

going to happen.

A mended wing can once again fly.


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