A Risk

A risk, is a risk, is a risk.

So you make a lot of mistakes

stepping up to the plate.

The pitcher is out to get you out.

You can swing feverishly

when you’d be better off biding

your time, waiting for that

perfect pitch that you “know”

you can hit.

When you’re out of your league,

your ballpark,

you play on foreign soil.

New terrain, new “opponents”.

Really, we’re all working


but in a new place, some

of your settings need

a slight adjustment

to pull off a successful


Turoco bird. Victoria Butterfly Gardens. Victoria, B.C. Canada

Turoco bird. Victoria Butterfly Gardens. Victoria, B.C. Canada

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/

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Holy Day

If I came to earth

to live

I’m wondering when

it’s going to start?

I wait each day

for inspiration

but I get the same


same old.

It comes in the same

package as the

day before & the day

before that.

I’m waiting for

fireworks, celebrations

to happen each day

I step out of

my house & even

before that while

I sleep & get

ready for the day.

Every day is a holiday

and I choose to

celebrate it by

working or


My energy for

both is the same

as neither.


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Speed Living

I am on a fast path.

I don’t know if I want

to slow down and lose all the

benefits of accomplishment

I feel moving this quickly.

Slower is often a more saturated

experience.  I really feel things

more fully, more deeply.

Like speed reading and speed

eating, you give up something

in the process–even if you do

get more done or “seem” to enjoy

shovelling food down your

throat at a ditch digger’s


Sometimes it’s very hard

to slow myself down,

almost impossible seeming.

So sometimes I go with the

faster flow, knowing sooner

or later I will have to stop

or slow to face myself,

my thoughts, & my feelings.

Stopping like all stops


so you come out more


Rest and recuperation are

necessary for a fast or

a slow life lived joyously.


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Should on You

I write because I’m right

but I’m not, really

I just think I am

in a lot of cases.  It

gets me into a lot of

trouble when people

do not conform to

the way I think things

should be or people

should be.

I should on the world

including myself

& it’s a deep do-do

experience going

through life this

way.  No one wants

it, not even me

but tell that to the

“part” of me that

doesn’t understand

the futility of trying

to change the world

and others, & myself

on command.

No wonder I’m impatient,

thinking this way.

I’ve got to give it up

or inherit unhappiness

for a lifetime.


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A Word

Feelings, like miniature


go off inside me.

I am an implosion

waiting to happen.

Inner calm has

retreated, yielded

to the energy of

the universe

I am tapping




Plant a seed in

this atmosphere

and it instantly


so volatile, so

unstable is the


in which it

is placed.

The explosions,


need to be

released to the

world at large.

One quiet way

is through

this writing.

A word is a word

is a word,

one word at a time.


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Little Kids

What’ve I to worry about?

Impression management is not even

an issue when I’m doing what I


If it is an issue, I need to quit

doing it.

I like being around little kids.

They’re too busy chasing joy

to notice anything out of

place on your person.

They don’t even know what a

judgement is.  They have some

issues with sharing and

interaction in general with

others–but you, you can

do no harm.  You’re only

there to help & guide them

and they readily accept it,

admitting that they really

don’t know (how to do) much

at this stage and the learning

curve is steep–so they need

all the help they can get.

No problem being wrong.

They do that a lot.  They

just flip their pencil over,

erase and write it the

correct way.

We should be little kids all

our lives–innocent & learning.

Judging not self or others.


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Brain Power

I love feeding my brain foods that

make it work better.  I’m not sure what’s

doing what, but I don’t give out so easily

to fatigue & fogginess of mind.

I’ve made some changes in my food

and since then I sort of experienced a

rebirth.  Actually, wild blueberries,

which I now have daily in smoothies

are known by the nickname, according

to one author, as “a resurrection food.”

That’s how I feel.  When I feel a lag in

energy, I take a swig of my brought-

with-me smoothie and it picks

me right up.

My brain is constantly fed, glucose

being used up by stress almost as

fast as I can take it in.  There is some

lag time depending upon how much

I take in at once.

A whole blenderful lasts quite a while–

two, even longer, but then I run low on

gas and have to fill up again.

Everything’s pretty stable–my blood

sugar, my moods, my energy.  The more

stress, the more I need the smoothie.

I eat “normally”  at other times but esp.

on the go or when I’m home just relaxing,

I prefer to consume the smoothie and

other cravings leave for a while–if even

I have them at all.

More smoothie, if I want it.  Brain Power!


V00262M.tiff Berries and tree stems from Western Juniper trees. Freemont National Forest, Oregon

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/


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If I was j.u.s.t myself,

I would probably go off

the DEEP end, bounce in from

right field

to a grounder hit poorly, that

should have been an “out”.

Who knows what virus my brain

may release on the literary world?

Taking it by storm no

vaccine or antibiotic would touch,

it mutates and changes defenses

so quickly.

Me, myself & I, we stay in a

hole deep inside

lest the slings and arrows

of OUTRAGEOUS fortune

pay an untimely visit–

every visit from them is


So, wounded, I limp back

home, licking my wounds

in self-pity waiting for this

wave of compassionate

self-demise to end.

Who am I, anyway?  EVEN

I do not want to really

know, for fear it would be

unacceptable, even to ME.

Eroded rock formations in Badlands National Park, South Dakota.

Eroded rock formations in Badlands National Park, South Dakota.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/

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The endless end of the day:

don’t want to give it up–

to sleep.

Too much fun, joy

riding the wave of

weekend energy

seeming to be pulled

forward into activity

ending up where I

want to be over & over

again all day.

My job involves making

decisions that may

involve disappointing

people and in the end

being unfair.  My

knowledge is so limited,

in each situation, I’m

bound to err.

I challenge myself

to be better everyday

but really so stern

a view of my output

is self-destructive

continuously applied.

Relax.  Ease up.

Let the day unfold,

play out as it

is “supposed'” to.

Don’t fight it,

it will go by itself.


Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/








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My Other Eyes

Who made up the rules for my life?

If it wasn’t me

my tires are flat

and I’m not going very far

if even I’m moving at all.

Who yells/whispers in my ear

when it’s time to act or not


Who is that still sometimes small,

sometimes large voice that

looks out for me

when I can’t see where

I’m going?

Whoever or whatever

it is, it seems to know

what’s best for me.

It just may be my own


But when wisdom

is rare then what/who

is it?

Something guides you

unerringly even when

you’re 3.


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