We all have genius within.

Access to its resources

brings out our greatness.

Hiding under a bush

our light is paltry,

partially stifled, not shining


I can, it is & if asked, it

would probably say I want to.

What’s this bush

doing blocking your

enjoyment of my bliss

wanting to be out on

its own uninhibited by

the locks on its freedom

to express & be out

and free.





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Clarity Beckons

I have no idea

what to write

so what comes out

is new to me

as much as to


Fortune favors the


I try to follow the

string (I left) out of the

dark cave (it was light

when I went in or at least

I thought it was) I’ve entered.

It seems I live there most of the

time when we’re talking about

real clarity of mind.

Maybe I clutter it

and am responsible

for not seeing past

the mess…

and all I have to do is stop

packratting bits of nonessential

trivia which I curiously

seek out to find the

whole story of a hook

I’ve bit into, poor fish

I am–to let myself be

caught by such an

inexperienced angler

without even an angle

to offer of much worth.


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We can only give that

which we possess.

No water stays calm


The rains come and

you watch your image

blur a little,


They will go like they

came and soon you

will be able to see

yourself once again.

Surprised at your

expression, I was

here all along, it will

say.  Trust your

feelings of who you

know your are and

next time you look

you may seem clearly

new and unrecognizable




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Flight is Faster

Butterflies, caterpillars, moths

& crows.

What do they all have in common?

Flight and legs.

The caterpillar just has to wait a

while to realize

his potential & be like the others.

Nature either puts you on the

ground forever…

or in the air (or water).

Weightlessness is a gift.

Let go of the surly bonds of earth…

Walking or flying,

time is irrelevant

non-existent, really

on some level.

I don’t understand it

but we can use that truth

to our benefit & peace of mind.

I love mysteries.  The unusual.

I’m not afraid to look into

the dark hole of the undiscovered…

not too afraid, anyway.

Braver than most when it

comes to those things.

I’m still waiting for my

cocoon to open dropping

away the barriers around

myself for all to see, shamelessly.









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Green & Blue


Green said to blue,

are you up for something new?

Sure green.  What do you have in mind?

I don’t have to do any more than

saturate the page with green –like

a forest.  Just being.  Not needing to

go anywhere, for a forest just is

until it’s no longer.  Green

all the way.

You can be the sky and I’ll be

the trees.  We’ll make a good

team.  You can even be the

water,  I’ll just keep growing

greener everyday.

We need to stay strong and

not lose our color–even a little

bit.  So let’s clean up our acts

and get to work.  A nice

picture will we make–








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My heart’s opening,

tender, tentative.

It feels silently,

so far.

It wants speech.

It won’t be known

as well from a glance.

Although, a lot’s

revealed in a look.

Perceptive mentally,

it needs a turn,

a voice.

How else will

we know what’s

in there?

What it wants to


I trust

its wisdom.


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I want to hide under the covers

but then nobody could tell how

magnificent I was.

I fear they may judge me as

lacking in some way.  Which is

probably true & possibly even

helpful to know, still I want to


Sometimes part of me wants

to peek out of the windows

of my soul

to see if there is really a world

I left behind when I went


It’s there for sure.  I spend

too much time there and

not enough within.

Coming out is liberating

even if I view it as “risky”.

Usually, I surprise

myself with my own

magnificent splendor

and how it was always

in there & just needed

to come out to view it.












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Moon/Sun Walk

The sun played peek-a-boo

with the moon today.

Borrowed some glasses and

saw it first hand.

I walked.  I saw a rabbit.

Haven’t seen any this year

where I walk.  They’re all hanging

out at the new veggie garden the

farmers are growing.  Don’t

blame them.  Pretty slim pickings

other years I would imagine–

dry dusty fields and whatever

they could find.  It was a little

rabbit–almost tame.  The

younger ones let you come


The white egret I spotted flew

off as soon as I came into view–

at least 50 yards off.  Very


I walked in the eclipse.

Dim outside, bright inside.






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Opening My Heart

I open my heart

it’s scary

I feel vulnerable


but I am open

trusting myself

to handle it all.

I think my heart

will stay open

if I ask it to.

Otherwise it may

be too scared

to open fully

fearing the

dragon’s breath

of rage

now let loose

with the doors

wide open.










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The Abyss

I step off into the abyss

prepared for utter darkness

with my solar eclipse glasses.

I am lost momentarily.

Light is there, it’s just covered,

hiding, unwilling to show

itself, for a while.

Then once again it is light.

I can see where I’m going.

Where I am.  I’m reassured.

It’s a luxury, this clarity of


I savor its transient nature.

It may come to be more



The abyss is neutral.

Entering it is a choice.

I take the first step.

I carry my own light

within me.

It cannot be eclipsed by

any darkness.

My light stays lit.

Darkness evaporates.










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