Amazing Kid

Running is easy for a kid.

That’s how they get places.

For short bursts they’re

unbeatable, tireless–go all

day long.

If you ask one to jog

with you 1/2 mile or

a mile they might not

make it on their natural

ability.  They might

need to rest a lot & then


They don’t see a reason

to run long distances,


So they don’t train

for endurance.

Today I saw a kid

8 or 9 maybe, just

jogging along the

sidewalk non-stop

for as long as he

was in sight.

Didn’t stop once!

Steady pace.

I was amazed!

and inspired!


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The Wolf

Once upon a time

there was a wolf

in sheep’s clothing.

No one could tell

he was a wolf.

One day he forgot

to put on his costume.

People were looking

at him strangely.

He wondered what was

the matter.

A lake nearby

showed his

true colors.

He saw himself

for what he was:

a wolf.

The sheep scattered

when he came around.

The calm waters

of the lake

gave him the

answer to

his dilemma.


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so feel like an island.

A fortress fortified with

defenses unpenetrable–as if

I was ‘proud’ of my


I have always been a

defender as opposed to

an aggressor–

peaceable mostly.  Impatient

and irritable & demanding

even, sometimes.

Yet for all that, I remain

alone–distant at an

extended arm’s length

from almost everyone.

It’s so painful to communicate

on an intimate level–I am

so easily hurt–it’s really not

fair–I can be ‘tough’ but then

I’m not vulnerable and tend

to be ‘bossy’ to exert my

authority or dominance

when I sometimes do so.

I’m glad I’m ‘smart’ but

sad I’m sad & sensitive

sometimes it seems such

a hardship.


Small fir tree growing next to Giant Sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) Sequoia National Park, California

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

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Misty Ghosts

I’m breaking “invisible” barriers–

I didn’t even know were there.

Like a line of ghosts you walk through,

unafraid because you don’t even

know you are doing it at the time

but you can look back or ahead & see

that that’s what you are, in effect,


Awareness may block your

progress through imaginings, fear.

But you’re blind to all that, set on

full speed ahead, and need a strong

arm to rein yourself in to stop this

powerful train of energetic movement

forward–going almost without thinking

or much forethought just plunging,

forging ahead to your requisite “goals”.

You listen inside for any “unconscious”

insights of warnings or encouragement

and then test it with your logic side

to see if a decision, an action,

is desirable–even as a “risk”

if it seems chancy or on the line as to

whether you really want to engage

in it from this perspective,

in advance.  The ghosts aren’t scary.

If they’re there, you don’t know it.

Close up of Osteosperum margarita Spoon.

Close up of Osteosperum margarita Spoon.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

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The flowers

everywhere you look

are coming out

to show the world

their colors.

Some are late bloomers–

their time is yet to come.

Nature gradually

terraforms the world

of blossoms

a little here

a little there

not all at once

except now

it’s trying to beat

its own record

rainfall & sunshine



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Sooner than Forever

Write me a letter–send it–

Special Delivery.

Gone are those days.

Unless you’re 3Ding someone

a new car.

Want to know anything?

Click your heels or even

your mouse.

Appearances are not

what they seem to be often,

but still, instant gratification.

Ahh, that feels good.

No waiting.  How many times

do you see that sign?

Some things are worth waiting for,

of course, you never know

until you get them if that is

so.  Faith is patience in action.

Patience is wondering if your

brain is screwed on right.

“I could wait…forever!”

But that’s always the first thought

until it appears sooner.

No one’s ever went to the end of

forever anyway to come

back and tell you how long you

have to wait.  So think sooner

than forever, however long that

ends up to be.  At least you’re not

waiting “forever”.



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On Top

The hawk could have

perched anywhere on

the tree but it choose

the apex, the top.

Sure there’s maybe a

better view from there

but I think he was

saying, I’m King

of this tree–no

other above me.

I love the view

from the top.

My wings enabled

me to get here

and here I’ll stay

for a while.


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Square 1

I like her but I’m afraid to

talk to her.

I’m afraid of getting ensnared

in a relationship I find myself

not wanting to be in.

All in the name of relieving


If I begin to “let her in”

she comes willingly almost

like pushing on a door you

thought was locked but it


Baggage.  I guess everyone comes

with it.  She seems to have


than her share but comes

with “goodies”, too.

Relationships that don’t

work out can be an unending

source of painful memories.

To pull anchor on that kind

of stuckness–oh, how I wish

it were so easy.


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Stump Top

The goose just look at me

standing alone atop the lopped

off tree trunk at the river’s edge.

I said “hello”, an unusual

place for a goose to perch.

No one was going to crowd him

out of his place or encroach upon

his freedom.

“I, King of this mountain”

he seemed to express,

so I tried not to

disturb his somewhat

peaceful presence in

our unexpected encounter.

Or it could have been

a “her”.

Star Gazer Lily close up.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography


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Sunny Days

Sometimes the sun

is not ashamed to show

her face.

Mother Jones and Mother

Earth appreciate that.

As well as the little humans

who crawl on her face

like ants.

Sometimes she hides.

Not afraid to show

her face but hangs

out in privacy


The ants get along.

The humans


And the sun keeps




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