Moon/Sun Walk

The sun played peek-a-boo

with the moon today.

Borrowed some glasses and

saw it first hand.

I walked.  I saw a rabbit.

Haven’t seen any this year

where I walk.  They’re all hanging

out at the new veggie garden the

farmers are growing.  Don’t

blame them.  Pretty slim pickings

other years I would imagine–

dry dusty fields and whatever

they could find.  It was a little

rabbit–almost tame.  The

younger ones let you come


The white egret I spotted flew

off as soon as I came into view–

at least 50 yards off.  Very


I walked in the eclipse.

Dim outside, bright inside.






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Opening My Heart

I open my heart

it’s scary

I feel vulnerable


but I am open

trusting myself

to handle it all.

I think my heart

will stay open

if I ask it to.

Otherwise it may

be too scared

to open fully

fearing the

dragon’s breath

of rage

now let loose

with the doors

wide open.










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The Abyss

I step off into the abyss

prepared for utter darkness

with my solar eclipse glasses.

I am lost momentarily.

Light is there, it’s just covered,

hiding, unwilling to show

itself, for a while.

Then once again it is light.

I can see where I’m going.

Where I am.  I’m reassured.

It’s a luxury, this clarity of


I savor its transient nature.

It may come to be more



The abyss is neutral.

Entering it is a choice.

I take the first step.

I carry my own light

within me.

It cannot be eclipsed by

any darkness.

My light stays lit.

Darkness evaporates.










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OK Just as I am

I’m ok just as I am, huh?

That’s a weird, strange concept.

I always figured a little touch

up here & there wouldn’t hurt.

A small improvement in performance.

Increased horsepower or maybe

solar power these days.

I don’t need a make over?  hmm.

Maybe I’m not looking at

the same me others are.

When I talk to them I feel

a bit more ok when nothing’s

changed but our chat.

Can’t puff myself up

set up for deflation

by a pin wielding

Madman or woman?

What a concept.  OK as

I am. Hmm.  That

puts me out of a job!

I’ve been a constant


wanting to tap

my deepest potential.

I guess I can still do

that while not feeling

deficient in any way.

Constantly not liking my

paint job, looking for a

good deal to shine my

fenders & polish my brass.


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Proximally Close

We’re really shut off–from others

behind our computer screens.

Community is lost within our four

walls and can’t be found.

Only artificially by extension

can we learn to relate with others

and then it is such a partial


So much is lost in the distant

impersonalness.  Sure, some

is gained somewhat, but a

scattered incomplete view is

had with a lot of holes to

be filled in when a ‘real’

experience is had–with

eye contact, tone of voice,

posture, position and

warmth of proximity.







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Why go on?

The way I am?

What for?

It can be so


When I think

of all I’m

shutting out

by choosing

to choose

the same old

same old


of my life.

I feel cowardly

doing that.

Playing it safe

nauseates me.

I don’t know

where to head

but anywhere

else is probably

a good start.

How do I

find the courage

to walk out

on my own,

trusting in

my worth

to provide

for me

as the “old”

way did?

I know I need to

soul search

and how is that


Very slow to


My soul feels

empty of any


I might gather

to strip to

the bone

all away

that covers

my, as yet



Close up of Foxglove flowers.

that are only a

few steps away

toward engaging

with that path.

I hope something

comes along to

jet stream

me to a more

satisfying, less

stuck, path.

All I can do

is be open

and willing,

I guess,

to embrace

my fears.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography









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The sky is blue except for

the wispy, pink tiger’s teeth

hanging down in the West.

It will soon be black and

dotting the heavens with a

sprinkling of light

flirting with the earth

winking in and out.

Sunrise holds a similar


Dark to light, with little

announcement such a

gradual change occurs.

The gentleness of a dove

or the joy of a mockingbird

may usher in the day.

We missed whatever show

occurred above

while we napped to restore

our life ticket to the day.









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Leave It Be

Nature calms your brain,

challenges your ingenuity

to survive physical


She encourages.  Just

look up from your mind-

dominated mindset

and see the answers to

your dilemma.

Distracting you from

disaster which is likely

not to happen.

Gear down on the fear.

What you think will

or might happen

isn’t even close to

what normally


Projection of

“persecution” and

failure aren’t

really close to


Yet, somehow you

want to choose (being)

the victim.

Helpless and un-

willing to move a

finger to better

things.  Nature

helps you reset

& reboot for a new


Ginko leaves with rain drops.

Ginko leaves with rain drops.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography






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Duck, Duck, Goose

I don’t have anything to write about.

Yes, you do!

O.K.  Then lay it out.

So I can carve it up and serve it to my readers.

Oh, you’ll think of something.

You almost have to duck to keep

from being hit with all the ideas

flying around.

Duck, goose, duck, duck, goose.

One of my favorite games at school.

Hang on a cloud.

What do you see?

From a bird’s-eye view

everything must look smaller

from up above.

Unless you’re a dove

and you usually

don’t reach the heights

of other birds migrating to

nowhere, hoping you have

a home when you arrive.

A pond, a drought could all

spoil your day if it is

dried up & you’re a duck.

Duck, duck, goose.  Without

water, these wouldn’t be.

Snow covered trees with sunrise. Oregon Cascades

Snow covered trees with sunrise. Oregon Cascades

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography








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A Tree

If I was a tree I don’t know

if I’d grow so big as to not fit in the

forest without standing out so

conspicuously that everyone always

looked at me when they walked by,

I was so noticeable.

So, I might consider growing to

just ‘average’ height so I’d

blend in and be a part of the

forest & feel like I belonged to

something bigger than myself.

Sometimes, I’ve been watered so

intensively and been planted in

the best sun spot that my growing

took off into the sky unrestricted

& unrestrained.

I was destined, determined to be

the tallest, widest, most dense,

beautiful tree in the forest.


Redwoods with path and big leaf maple tree in fall color. Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, California

No one could come up to my

height & join my primo

basking ability.

Still in all, I was still a tree

and just because I was big

didn’t mean there wasn’t

a place for me in the


I’ll wait, happily growing

bigger & see who sits in my

shade, climbs my branches

for a better view and puts me

in their photographs the most.


Photography © Dennis Frates Photography



























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