Moon/Sun Walk

The sun played peek-a-boo

with the moon today.

Borrowed some glasses and

saw it first hand.

I walked.  I saw a rabbit.

Haven’t seen any this year

where I walk.  They’re all hanging

out at the new veggie garden the

farmers are growing.  Don’t

blame them.  Pretty slim pickings

other years I would imagine–

dry dusty fields and whatever

they could find.  It was a little

rabbit–almost tame.  The

younger ones let you come


The white egret I spotted flew

off as soon as I came into view–

at least 50 yards off.  Very


I walked in the eclipse.

Dim outside, bright inside.






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The Abyss

I step off into the abyss

prepared for utter darkness

with my solar eclipse glasses.

I am lost momentarily.

Light is there, it’s just covered,

hiding, unwilling to show

itself, for a while.

Then once again it is light.

I can see where I’m going.

Where I am.  I’m reassured.

It’s a luxury, this clarity of


I savor its transient nature.

It may come to be more



The abyss is neutral.

Entering it is a choice.

I take the first step.

I carry my own light

within me.

It cannot be eclipsed by

any darkness.

My light stays lit.

Darkness evaporates.










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OK Just as I am

I’m ok just as I am, huh?

That’s a weird, strange concept.

I always figured a little touch

up here & there wouldn’t hurt.

A small improvement in performance.

Increased horsepower or maybe

solar power these days.

I don’t need a make over?  hmm.

Maybe I’m not looking at

the same me others are.

When I talk to them I feel

a bit more ok when nothing’s

changed but our chat.

Can’t puff myself up

set up for deflation

by a pin wielding

Madman or woman?

What a concept.  OK as

I am. Hmm.  That

puts me out of a job!

I’ve been a constant


wanting to tap

my deepest potential.

I guess I can still do

that while not feeling

deficient in any way.

Constantly not liking my

paint job, looking for a

good deal to shine my

fenders & polish my brass.


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See Clearly

I try to see the big


but all I see is a pinpoint

of a view.

So be it.  For now.

Clarity of vision

has never been one of

my strong points.

Not as a constant, anyway.

Sometimes I shine in clarity.

Go right to the heart of the matter.

And can move everyone forward

who are blind to my vision…if

I only choose to use it–am brave

enough to speak out.

I see.  So should others.  With my help.

Whitney's Locoweed (Astragalus whitneyii} seed pods. Steens Mountain. Oregon

Whitney’s Locoweed (Astragalus whitneyii} seed pods. Steens Mountain. Oregon

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography





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Visualize (Whirled Peas)

It seems there’s a lot less to lose

in pessimism than in optimism.

If you’re pessimistic and things

turn out well, you’re surprised

and overjoyed at your good fortune.

If you’re optimistic and things don’t

turn out so well, you’re disappointed

whereas the pessimist is just “right”.

My thinking may be a little

twisted but I don’t like to be

let down.

Not always are my expectations

low or apathetic because I

create what I think about.

I would like my life to go “well”.

Yet, sometimes it’s hard to

see a successful outcome without

feeling like I’m and imposter, a liar!

Faking it is not being “real”, really

how I’m thinking, what I’m believing.

I guess I could go against myself &

pretend things ar going to turn out

well–even though I know better!

I think my brain needs an

overhaul/makeover/or whatever.

Or, I should just give up pessimism

and take my chances!








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On the Road

Once the outer rim of reality

is breached

you wonder where you were

your perception jaded

lashed by feelings

run amok

your body contained.

Brain fog doesn’t

announce itself.

When you’re in brain fog,

you don’t know

you’re in brain fog.

Only after,

it’s clear.

Still, a path

is traveled

to freedom.

An island of

peace that says

you earned it

from your travels

along the way.

Everything’s ok out

there.  You just have

to see it that way

and give up your

cockeyed outlook on

how you think it’s

all going to come












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The Mirror Knows


I see the mirror

looking back at


Not happy with what

it sees.

So, I ask it:   “Why

are you unhappy?”

It says, you disappoint

me when you live

your day in fear.

I am sad for you

because of that.

I want to please

the mirror–every-

one, actually.

So, I overdo my

welcome trying

to be popular.

Maybe I could just

be myself.

What a novel idea.

Fear would have

to go.

I know.

So banish it

& charge forward

to a new day

and a new mirror

response to the

newer you.

OK.  I’ll try.


Bleeding Heart Vine, Glory Bower Clerodendrum thomsoniae. Crystal Garden, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

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I want to live my life with passion!

To so look forward to each day

and moment of life–

to cherish all my presence on

this planet.

Not to waste my days in fear.

I could fake it, but I’d

rather feel it as real, within


I’m open to finding what

this reality of passionate

living is for me & feels

like on a daily, minute

to minute basis.

I want to broach that wall

of invisible fear and reach

out in directions that would

facilitate discovering such a


What can I be excited about??

Whatever it is, I’m still looking–

with eyes wide open.

High waves during storm at Devils Churn, Oregon.

High waves during storm at Devils Churn, Oregon.

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Rest Heals

If there were clouds

I didn’t notice

4 walls kept me company

as I downshifted into low gear.

Preparing for the hills ahead

when clouds are viewed in the

natural gaze of things–far

off, close by–more than a

wall away.

Not always do I feel to go

out & give nature a hug–

she embraces me more than

I could ever return the favor.

The cool north wind said,

take it easy–you don’t have

to go out–don’t impose that

on yourself–your larder is


My days are filled with enjoyment

mostly–I hardly even notice

things are going so well

until reflection shows me my

face, with a smile on it

because of the joy I feel.

Not always, but more than

most days.

Our lot is our lot.  It’s good

to know so many things

populate it that are amazing.

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No Idea

Do you ever start writing

without an idea?

Like you’re walking into a

dark room with no light switch.

You just feel your way around

and you don’t have to see

anything really.

You may be going to bed.

You want to shut out the

world anyway

so you can get some rest.

You don’t want anymore info.

You even have extra left

over from the day to offload.

Light would just hamper that.

You get this far without

an idea, and you figure

if you stop now you can just

call your piece, No Idea.

Short, sweet? & simple.

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