We walked.  Golf balls littered

the ground.

The park was haven to

people having fun.

All except those parked improperly

getting tickets.

People were grateful, seemingly, in

the grocery store.  In a higher income

area, their needs were better met and

their food and lifestyle more healthy

than in the less affluent areas.

All these are generalizations,

but I experienced the people

more friendly and appearing

less stressed.  My imagination?

Hardly, I think.  Although, I

could be wrong as appearances

aren’t always what’s going on


We should have a gate that

you go through

measuring your stress

hormones and if they’re too

high, you should be sent home

to rest, eat some nourishing food

and do whatever you need to do to

get balanced and be in a fit

state to interact with others.


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I saw a bird today

it flew for me

it said you can

do this too.


Sure it said.

Where do you want to

fly to?

Across the street would

drop my jaw.

OK. it said

if you walk half the


and in the middle

a truck comes

barreling down on


I guarantee you will

fly the rest of the way

across the street!

You tricked me!  I said

no, I just said you

can fly–most of

the time your feet barely

touched the ground.

voila: flying

Thank you bird

for appreciating

my abilities that

I’m mostly blind to.


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Now’s the Time

How can I call my life “boring”

when everyday things are different?  True,

some things are the same, but the majority

of my experience from day-to-day is anyone’s


So, why am I so surprised when this surprise

happens each day, my not knowing anything

about it, until I’m facing its presence in

my face, asking how to deal with it?

In retrospect, I may have “done better” in my

humble opinion, but I did what I did and

let it go at that.  Hardly boring.

I’m looking for what? an adrenaline

rush? to feel excited enough to feel alive?

Maybe.  I’m not seeking it, though.  But when

I have a particular satisfying interaction

with someone, I’m usually feeling pretty

fulfilled might be too strong–but pretty good.

Although, I never feel or experience boredom

usually moment-to-moment (or at least I

don’t really notice it), I’ve felt it more often

occasionally lately.  I’m usually alone

on a walk or something, so I ask the

universe or tell it, “O.K.”, you got my total

attention out here in the middle of

nowhere (if I’m on a walk).  Now’s the

time to lay some heavy, enlightening

clarity on my soul/ my mind.  What do

you want me to know?  What do I

need to be aware of?  What can I do to

feel less…bored?–if that’s what I’m feeling.

I usually don’t get much right then

but later I may have some unusual inspiration.

Pacific Albus (Poplar) tree farm, Boardman Tree Farm, Oregon

Pacific Albus (Poplar) tree farm, Boardman Tree Farm, Oregon

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/










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Nature’s Nurture

I walked at noon time

I walked at night,

cool both times

people were riding bicycles

dog bouncing on the trail

happy as can be looking.

Who says nature doesn’t

have something to offer

everyone at any time.

The air was rain-washed,

worth the trip all on its own.

Cars were oblivious to

what outside of them


Speed at going nowhere


My pace was much

faster to get me to where

I want to go–within.

Cloudy day dispersed

easily with the breeze.

Cedar Waxwings ate berries

from my tree outside.

15 min. later I walked out

to see them again and

they were gone!  Had their

fill apparently.  Many

berries left for tomorrow.

Soon the crows will come

and eat.

Nature’s treat–free and

unlimitedly (almost!)



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River Walk

I don’t have an inkling of whatsoever

I could or would write about, so

I’ll just begin.

I walked as early as I could this

a.m. along the river.

People were out.  NOT in church.

The river’s my church these days.

Where I find peace and solace

and rest–even though I’m

exercising, as such.

Hurt my leg trying to

beat a 6-year-old across the

school yard from a dead,

cold stop.  Warming up

is a good idea for any person

esp. an older adult before

sprinting all out.

So my exercise is walking

since my leg is sore &

needs to heal–yet I

still need some exercise–

and my mind needs a


So I go to the river.

I’m glad I walked early.

Gave me an opportunity

to nap later in the day

when I’d usually walk.

Teaching is very stressful

& I need more rest than

the average bear.


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Laundry Thoughts

Stop walking alone and outdoors

in nature preferably for a few

days or more and watch your

life, little by little, start to

fall apart.

That one excursion into the

unknown of your mind

and your neighborhood

shows you what you’ve

been ‘too busy’ to see.

Not that you look for it,

alone time outside just

automatically does its

work processing consciously

the things and thoughts that

come up so when you

return the board is all

erased and you didn’t

have to touch an eraser.

Just move one foot

in front of another

seeing what there is to


(There’s a lot!)









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Rainbow Leaves

Being here

present with this

paper & pen

should bring some


Often my mind is trying to

recreate a scene that has

triggered an idea to write about.

But being focused in the here &

now, I find plenty to fill

the page with, as it rolls off

my brain, unrehearsed, as it


It’s cool out.  Summer is fading

fast, giving way to a rain shower

of colorful leaves leaving their

host for a heavenly demise.

Littering the ground with speckled

jewels, they stand out from

everything else which is mostly


Some warmth makes the day still

seem like summer and lets the

amazing sun do its healthy

thing on our exposed skin

for one last shot of a darker tan

and all the Vit. D we can make in

an hour.










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Woods & Walking

I wanted to go to the


but circumstances

seemed to pile up in front

of my effort to get there.

I guess if I’d have really

wanted to go, I would’ve

gone.  No matter what

the circumstances

being used

as an “excuse” to do

something enjoyable

that I felt I had the

energy & time for,

yet didn’t go.

In the end,

you do what you want.






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People help me when I need help.

Of course, it’s helpful to ask for it.

Not everyone will know you need


Not to chase after it

but if you need something

like this writing

to calm down

then do it

and let the unsure,

scary feelings pass

out of you.

They will go.

Just because there’s a little

pressure that is new

is not a reason to

cash in all your chips

and go home.

Keep going in the

direction you’re going in.

There’s no reason to

give up making

‘conscious’ forward



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Peace Abounds

Walk in the footsteps

of your belief.

Know the world

doesn’t drastically

change all at once.

Step by step

things gradually

shift to a more



and your guard

is dropped

to let in all

the love

there still is

in the world.

It just needs

a docking point

to attach itself.

You think you’re

plum out of


but that is

not the truth.

You give and

receive and

there’s plenty to

go around.

Rest in the footsteps

that lead you to peace.



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