Laundry Thoughts

Stop walking alone and outdoors

in nature preferably for a few

days or more and watch your

life, little by little, start to

fall apart.

That one excursion into the

unknown of your mind

and your neighborhood

shows you what you’ve

been ‘too busy’ to see.

Not that you look for it,

alone time outside just

automatically does its

work processing consciously

the things and thoughts that

come up so when you

return the board is all

erased and you didn’t

have to touch an eraser.

Just move one foot

in front of another

seeing what there is to


(There’s a lot!)









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Rainbow Leaves

Being here

present with this

paper & pen

should bring some


Often my mind is trying to

recreate a scene that has

triggered an idea to write about.

But being focused in the here &

now, I find plenty to fill

the page with, as it rolls off

my brain, unrehearsed, as it


It’s cool out.  Summer is fading

fast, giving way to a rain shower

of colorful leaves leaving their

host for a heavenly demise.

Littering the ground with speckled

jewels, they stand out from

everything else which is mostly


Some warmth makes the day still

seem like summer and lets the

amazing sun do its healthy

thing on our exposed skin

for one last shot of a darker tan

and all the Vit. D we can make in

an hour.










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Woods & Walking

I wanted to go to the


but circumstances

seemed to pile up in front

of my effort to get there.

I guess if I’d have really

wanted to go, I would’ve

gone.  No matter what

the circumstances

being used

as an “excuse” to do

something enjoyable

that I felt I had the

energy & time for,

yet didn’t go.

In the end,

you do what you want.






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People help me when I need help.

Of course, it’s helpful to ask for it.

Not everyone will know you need


Not to chase after it

but if you need something

like this writing

to calm down

then do it

and let the unsure,

scary feelings pass

out of you.

They will go.

Just because there’s a little

pressure that is new

is not a reason to

cash in all your chips

and go home.

Keep going in the

direction you’re going in.

There’s no reason to

give up making

‘conscious’ forward



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Peace Abounds

Walk in the footsteps

of your belief.

Know the world

doesn’t drastically

change all at once.

Step by step

things gradually

shift to a more



and your guard

is dropped

to let in all

the love

there still is

in the world.

It just needs

a docking point

to attach itself.

You think you’re

plum out of


but that is

not the truth.

You give and

receive and

there’s plenty to

go around.

Rest in the footsteps

that lead you to peace.



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I Like Your Hair

I was having a horrible day.

Out of the “ether” a student

calls out:  “I like your hair.”

Profusely, I say THANK YOU!

The one bit of unasked for

love from a complete stranger

wets my whistle in a desert

of rugged experiences.

As I say THANK YOU he

walks toward me.  I say,

“I like your hair, too.”  He

had a luxurious crop any

one would have been envious


He wrapped his arms around

me on the basketball court

all sweaty and hot yet

that one bit of love

exchanged is what I

remember from my day.

How he knew to reach

out to me would mean

a lot, & is what I needed,

I don’t know.

But kids know, are

psychic in their awareness,

and can read your heart

like a book–those that

can read–their innocence

is refreshing, while it lasts.

Circle of tulip flowers.

Circle of tulip flowers.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/


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Hawk Walk

The hawk said this is my bird

find your own

the sparrow in its claws, lifeless.

Sorry I interrupted your meal.

You’re pretty tame, for a hawk,

letting me come this close.

On my way back an hour later

it was on the path and again let me

approach it before hopping up

into a tree, the sparrow gone.

It was a smaller hawk, possibly a

young one.  They’re always less


The wind arose cooling the day

as I started my walk, and

calmed as I finished it.

A synchrony I’m seeing

more of every day.




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Summer Walk

It was just me and the hawks

circling the thermals

screeching in joy I would assume

even in torrid temps 100+.

The heat was oppressive, liberating

to walk through it unscathed, and get

a ‘free’ detox all at once.

Toxins poured out of my cleansing

body.  I had enough air to continue

without too much interruption

and stops.

Nature adapts, as I was.  Feeling its

strength, mine rose to match it.

No one interrupted my train

of thought much, because they

weren’t there, huddled down in

their a/c’ed bungalows.

I don’t blame their sensibilities.

Sometimes, I wish I could

share it when it comes to

braving inclement weather.

(But not often).


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Walking Alone

I’ll walk even if I have to walk alone.

But I’m never alone.

I always see someone.

It’s nice to make eye contact

and exchange greetings.

Makes me feel less alone.

I am with ‘myself’.

No ear buds.

I listen within.

Sometimes I even talk to myself

out loud as if I had to get my

attention by ‘raising’ my

voice over the silence of a


Either way, I get to

empty more than I accumulate

it seems, by the silence of the

walk with ‘myself’.


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Skin Your Knee

Falling down starts


and none of us is

immune to it.

If we take

full credit

for our life,

knowing we are

doing our best


occasional spills

are the

small price

we tender

for our rent &


on this planet.

If we we’re past

this point of falling,

it wouldn’t happen

as much, or anymore,


But, we get better

and we need to


if only to ourselves,

that missteps happen,

until we’ve learned

to be more sure-footed

in our life.

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