Life Steps

Step by step

we can make it to the end.

Baby steps, if needed.

Somehow there is a

“force” or something

holding things together.

We all walk our own

path as do others.

Some seem to be

more fortunate

than others.

Still we walk our

own path.

People show up

with unexpected

love from their

hearts when

you least expect


They want to be

loved, too.

Yet they’re generous

when they see

a need in others

or just plain generous

without seeing a need.

Love sign and ocean with sunrise. Hawaii, The Big Island.

Love sign and ocean with sunrise. Hawaii, The Big Island.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/


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Quiet Time

I long for quiet


A time to think,


where I’ve been

where I’m going.

It’s a lonely endeavor,

as if the only thing

ironically, to do,

is be.

Long sandy walks

in the quiet.

Listening to the

silence, doing nothing

itself, just being there.


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Walk with Myself

I’m going for a walk

and a talk with myself

like Thoreau–if there were

someone else whose company

I’d prefer, I’d be with them.

I’ll try to be gentle

because I know my

hard core ways…

unforgiving almost

–I think I’ll never

improve, never get better

if I don’t crack the whip.

All in all though, it will be

an enjoyable outing.


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Ants vs Humans

Ants are strong.

Humans are puny

compared to them.

We have 2 legs,

they outnumber us

by 3.

We have no antennae.

They have 2.

They live peacefully

in colonies.

We have a hard time

getting along with

our neighbors.

They’re satisfied

with crumbs.

We have to have

gourmet meals

taking hours to


A hole in the ground

is their home.

We don’t go there

until the end.

Ants are strong.

Never work out

only live

and carry 20

times their weight

on their daily



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Nature Calms, Heals

The quiet, the breeze, feel it

on your skin.  Listen to it

in the trees.

The occasional bird call here

and there.  Breaks the silence

of the wind-whispered morning.

I am alone.  I know it.

It’s too early for humanity to

enter peace.

While I’m gloating my

kingly possession of

the woods, not watching

where I’m going,

a parade of racing cyclists

try to make pancakes for

breakfast out of me.

The leader calms after

a look of panic at

stopping 30 racing

cyclists into a pile up

on me.  I step aside,

Ole, as they pass

‘a few more’ they yell

out, ‘a few more’–

very polite cyclists.

I renounce my throne.

Leaves of tropical lily. Hughes Water Gardens, Oregon

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/

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Hot Walk

Even a short walk soothes the soul.

Let’s go duel with the heat.

Shade is my sword

my hat, my shield

engarde I’m going to move

my bones in a direction

toward home eventually.

Inner strength is my reserve.

I must remember to use it

when feeling faint.

I have a roof to come back

to.  Others aren’t so lucky

fending for themselves

at the mercy of the weather

all the time.

One of us is more fortunate.

I’m not sure who.

It feels good to move

my body, blood,

breathe hard, clear

out stagnation.

Dry skin is my

reward at home.

Close up of three tulip flowers.

Close up of three tulip flowers.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/


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After Dark

I would stop walking if I thought

it would do me any good.

That’s not how I was built.  I’ve got to

get out, and then come back and I’m

good for a little while longer.

Sometimes I take 2 one hr. walks

during the day in Summer vacation

time.  This is in hot weather!

If I come back too late I could run

into a skunk or other nightly creature.

So, I try not to.


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The music sang to me.

I’m mostly a silence lover.

Am I feeling happy?  This

can’t be.  From across the

river, tuning up

for a nightly bash, came this

came this melody..I’m looking

around for a tree to dance with.

97 degrees-nobody else is out

walking along the river.

Awesome drummer, band

and singing.  Rap and Bluegrass

went by in slow-moving boats.

Not my thing.  Live bands have

performed for this riverside cafe

before, but this one really was good.

What a treat.


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Enlighten Me

I walked to my “secret

spot”.  I said, as always:

OK download the

wisdom of the Universe

into my brain, what do I

need to do, know, etc.–

always the same request–

clarity, clear direction.

It said:  love everyone,

I said I already do that

(to myself)  to the Universe

I said,  I don’t hate anybody.

(Some denial?–I don’t know)

some dogs maybe that get

on my nerves, otherwise I’m

good to go.

What else?  Appreciate what

you have.  Be happy with it.

OK…I’ll work on it…

Left my “secret


I don’t know if

I’m any wiser

or not…


Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/


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Going forward

facing fears


Dogs don’t scare me–

much! even though

I’m controlling my


maybe they know

if they’re friendly

but don’t look

anything like that

from a distance

that you can

calm down,

I’m not going

to eat you for

bkfst, they seem

to be saying as they

pass by you

wanting to lick your


Still a dog as big as a

horse without a leash

having more muscles

than I can count

needs to be watched

until it doesn’t.


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