On the Road

Once the outer rim of reality

is breached

you wonder where you were

your perception jaded

lashed by feelings

run amok

your body contained.

Brain fog doesn’t

announce itself.

When you’re in brain fog,

you don’t know

you’re in brain fog.

Only after,

it’s clear.

Still, a path

is traveled

to freedom.

An island of

peace that says

you earned it

from your travels

along the way.

Everything’s ok out

there.  You just have

to see it that way

and give up your

cockeyed outlook on

how you think it’s

all going to come












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A lot of strong, vibrant energy

is wanting to come through my being

and out onto this page.

It’s almost burning it up

before it can be typed.

The ink is black but it could

very well be fire-red

arcing like a welder’s torch

engraving its message.

Fired up, fired in.

Smoldering remains

of an eruption.

Smoke and haze

are all that remain.

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A Tree

If I was a tree I don’t know

if I’d grow so big as to not fit in the

forest without standing out so

conspicuously that everyone always

looked at me when they walked by,

I was so noticeable.

So, I might consider growing to

just ‘average’ height so I’d

blend in and be a part of the

forest & feel like I belonged to

something bigger than myself.

Sometimes, I’ve been watered so

intensively and been planted in

the best sun spot that my growing

took off into the sky unrestricted

& unrestrained.

I was destined, determined to be

the tallest, widest, most dense,

beautiful tree in the forest.


Redwoods with path and big leaf maple tree in fall color. Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, California

No one could come up to my

height & join my primo

basking ability.

Still in all, I was still a tree

and just because I was big

didn’t mean there wasn’t

a place for me in the


I’ll wait, happily growing

bigger & see who sits in my

shade, climbs my branches

for a better view and puts me

in their photographs the most.


Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/



























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Foggy Notions

Words, words, words

worming their way

in and through

your life.

They’re only the messenger.

The message is what you want.

Sans words.

So much more is said

but people are afraid to

voice it

between the lines

between the sentences.

It’s all there

but many are afraid

to own up to it, to own it,

take responsibility for

saying or failing to say

what is really on their mind–

what is real.

So all this fog & smoke &

mirrors distorts the person

whose message never

gets heard because he’s or she’s

afraid to say it, to say what

they (really) feel.

Shame.  A real shame.

Close up of Teddy Bear Sunflower.

Close up of Teddy Bear Sunflower.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/




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I want a friend.  One with feelings.  Laughing

is required as is a sense of humor.  A ready

laugh is important–the ability to enjoy

fully & outwardly a moment with another.

Being passionate about similar things,

not holding back the sharing of those “in


Someone who is willing to discuss options

and compromise occasionally.  Someone

who doesn’t always have to have it their

own way all the time.

You know when you’re with such an

‘easy’ friend.  They’re not wishy-washy,

nor are they stubbornly one-minded,

leaving you out of the equation almost


Maybe I ask too much these days of “doing

your own thing”.  Maybe.  But I remember

when friends negotiated.  Where one

wasn’t stronger or more influential

than the other when decisions & choices

were made.

Not to give up, or in to, your values, just to

be a friend who likes to laugh & have fun

and enjoy many of the same things


Maybe I’m picking the “wrong” friends

or I need more of them to meet my

needs.  I know who I’m interested in

spending more time with when I

meet them.  And all my requirements

may not be met but a lot of the

important ones will.

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Hell on Wheels

Wallow around in hell awhile.

Why not?  Got something

better to do?

The path of none is crowded with


Nobodies who haven’t been

true to themselves.

Have lived a life of haunted

fear as their master.

Should be ashamed to show

their face–if it was

really theirs.

Playing to play it safe

gets you safe maybe

but nothing ever happens

in safe.  It’s on the

way to the base where all

the action is, all the

excitement of will I

make it or will I be called


Don’t even step up to bat.

You might hurt yourself.

Play it so safe–if you were

there–no one knew it–not even


Hell is for heroes & cowards alike.

What is an empty life?

You got it–empty.

Fill it with anything

that doesn’t betray yourself.

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I Jumped into the fire out of the

proverbial frying pan.

It wasn’t as warm or even hot!

as I thought it would or could be!

But I was prepared for the worst

or some semblance of the worst

in my mind–I don’t like to

go over negatives all that much,

but I do like to be prepared!

On the spur of the moment, sometimes

I can’t turn my worst negative

scenario into a positive outcome

all that easily, if at all.

So once I got really stressed &

lost control & raised my voice

which was completely

unnecessary if I’d have

just remained calm.

And a couple other times

I over reacted to some things

that didn’t need such

an extreme reaction or response.

You miss out on a lot of life

if you refuse to jump.

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Help Along the Way

Why does that which one needs

come at the last hour?

Better than not coming at all.

Suffering contains within it

the mettle of resolution of long-

held difficulties–a kind of

trial by fire–to see if

you survive its harshest


The tunnel always opens

up at some point–a cave

you may have to turn

around and walk out,

starting again at a

new point.

I’m glad the days are

packaged into 24 hr

intervals–a chance to

start again comes often

enough to help you keep

the faith until the


Looking for a brighter day

to balance with the

darker ones that visit

to impart their lessons.

View of Zion National Park from trail in high country, UtahC00471D-11

View of Zion National Park from trail in high country, Utah C00471D-11

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/

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You can’t buy happiness

(most of you already knew that).

You can’t borrow it–even on

a short term loan.

Feeling good has to come

from within.  It costs nothing,

you can even give it away

sometimes packaged in humor

or compliments

but the other person (or animal)

has to receive it, accept it.

So many things in this world.

So many friends.

They can all allow you to choose


but you have to see it

that way

as anything else is

pretty much

out and out

insanity.  The easy way

we take when taking

responsibility for our own

feelings seems like too much

of an effort.

Tomato with yellow sepals.

Tomato with yellow sepals.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/

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Inside Invincibility

Holster my pistol.

I’m not out to get


I’m invincible

whether I know

it or not.

Others may take

a pot shot at

me.  Not that I

care or mind, but

I’m strong inside

so paper tigers

can not hurt


Sheriffs’ retreat.

Let others fight

it out.

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