I’m waiting to lock the

classroom, turn off the lights

and go home.  My line of

students has all left but

one.  I said, “let’s go!”  Every

body’s already left.  She

gets up–2nd grader– grabs

a paper on her desk & starts

to run towards me.  I say,

push in your chair–it wasn’t

perfectly pushed in like the

others, but I let it go and

she hands me the paper.

It says, “Best teacher ever”

at the top with a drawing

of me underneath and

From & her name.

It’s little unexpected

things like this that

make my day a

little, or maybe even

a lot, brighter.  While

everyone was rushing,

pushing to get in line

to go home on a Friday

afternoon, she was at

her desk doing this.



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“Forward” Progress

I walk , facing forward, yet I’m not

always sure, I’m going forward.

Am I getting better & better?

2 steps forward to every one back?

Or is it the other way around,

seeming to proceed ahead

yet sliding into a previous learning

that I had thought I had gone past?

It’s good to take time, to

stop & reflect, where I am

& where I think I’m going

or even where I’ve been.  Was it

my “choice”, or did I end up in

a situation not easily backed out

of I would’ve never chosen in

the first place?

Life is never even close to being

certain.  When you choose, the

dice are on the way.  Where they

stop is sort of out of your hands

so to speak & you let the wind

or the vibration of the surround-

ings determine how far they

roll before coming to a stop.

You go in one direction away

from where you’ve been

and expect a different,

more favorable, possibly,


But forward you must go,

never the less.








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Seat of My Pants

I build my road as I go.

Kind of an “iffy” existence,

but it’s actually more fun

that way.  When my little

self thinks, ‘no way’, I’m

going to end up in the drink’,

my higher self says, ‘just

wait.  Even though you don’t

think you have a snowball’s

chance in the hot place (hell),

things will work out

marvelously for you that

you could have never


Why do we take the low road

when the high one is available

and open?

Check the blueprints.  All cylinders

are not firing and you’re running

on fumes when you think

that way.  Still, feel your

feelings, but optimism is

always warranted–even

when it isn’t!  ‘Miracles’ come

in many colors.


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You’re asking me to not be

so sensitive,

to not care what other

people think?

That may be easier than

I think, or can think!

I’m the problem when

it comes to other people’s


I’m obviously harsher on

myself than they could

ever be.

So it’s not that I care

about others’ opinions

so much, loosing my

own voice, to look

splendid & irreproachable

in all their eyes, it’s me

that, I guess, I’m trying to

impress, yet I never measure

up:  shields up! doesn’t

necessarily work when your

image is internally corrupted

by unrealistic standards.







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The Woods

I loathe, no, I hate, feeling fear.

But if it’s in there and I have

to feel it to let it go, I

will.  Through is the way.

Going around releases


It’s not even ‘real’.  My perception

of it being threatening is

more real.

I can’t even put my finger

on it, it’s just there, until it


Masking it just waits for an

uncovering when the mask

wears off.  It was hidden,

but not gone, until it


At least I’m taking control or

initiative at moving it

along.  I own my own

choices.  They don’t own


A wise part is always there

to consult.

It can lead me out of the


into the light.


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It makes a difference

When you risk doing something

different…what happens?

That’s just it.  You never know.

Same old, same old and you can

practically take bets on the


But when you walk blindly into

newness, it becomes somewhat

of an adventure…

You may slip & fall,

trip and tumble…

but who’s watching?

…like you should care?

Fun is fun.  I won’t belabor

the point and what is

the point, if it’s not fun,

or the possibility of creating

some mirth & laughter in

others and yourself?

That’s right, pointless.

Why bother??

You’ve probably got better

things to do anyway,

so if you “have” to do

something when you’d

rather be doing something else,

then make it fun.  One

out of 10 or 20 people I greeted

this morning smiled joyfully

and even laughed.  That’s not a

very good average.  Do it

differently & see what happens.


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The sun doesn’t know how

not to shine.

Warmth and light

never dims at the


Yellow it picked as

its favorite



it needs no


A loner in the sky,

it hangs in there


and  cherished

by all who

view its might.

It will just be

itself until

the end.


and glowing



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People help me when I need help.

Of course, it’s helpful to ask for it.

Not everyone will know you need


Not to chase after it

but if you need something

like this writing

to calm down

then do it

and let the unsure,

scary feelings pass

out of you.

They will go.

Just because there’s a little

pressure that is new

is not a reason to

cash in all your chips

and go home.

Keep going in the

direction you’re going in.

There’s no reason to

give up making

‘conscious’ forward



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Peace Abounds

Walk in the footsteps

of your belief.

Know the world

doesn’t drastically

change all at once.

Step by step

things gradually

shift to a more



and your guard

is dropped

to let in all

the love

there still is

in the world.

It just needs

a docking point

to attach itself.

You think you’re

plum out of


but that is

not the truth.

You give and

receive and

there’s plenty to

go around.

Rest in the footsteps

that lead you to peace.



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The Best, The Worst

I sit, lonely without a mate

not sure whether I have the

best of it or the worst of it.

My mind races to nowhere.

Around in circles, it trips over itself,

trying to make sense of the world,

of my life.

While it’s pondering,

my life is going by

minute by minute

never to be retrieved

a gift to the universe.

Rather it be my professed

preference that I offer,

then any hardship endured

is for a good cause.

Lonely or not,

time marches on

and I am…wondering still,

what is the best of it?


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