Potluck: you never know

what’s coming

what you’re going to get

a choice from.

Better than reading a mystery


You wonder:  who done it?

Can’t wait to get to the

end to see how it all

comes out.

Sometimes you’re surprised.

Sometimes your favorites

land on your plate

without you even having

to ask, to invoke the

law of attraction.

It just shows up

along with you

and voila–a match

made in heaven–

or close to it.

You trade what you

brought for what

they brought.

Hopefully, you’re a

good trader–a bargain

is a bargain because

you’re stuck with what

showed up.


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Our minds: mansions

with many rooms.

As we walk from one

to another

we’re in a completely

different place

but in the same


We go from a green

room to a blue one

to a yellow one.

We’re sure we’ve

left the mansion

behind–all the

rooms we visited


have entered into

a new home, a new


But when we walk

out of that room

after sleep or after

meals, we may

go visit an earlier

room and see that

we’re in the same

mansion:  we’re

always home,

no matter what

room we’re in.


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Group Meditation

We all went to the same place


A chain of energy & consciousness

linked to the absolute

magnified its presence

and power

many times over.

Although we were separate

our minds and focus were

one.  United in intention

we sent waves to the


like a global ocean pond

a rock dropped in

one end rippled its way

to the other shores.

Sweeping away all

vibes, tsunami-like,

that were not

life supporting.

Our influence

was felt on the furthest

beaches with waves

of love, unity and


Instantaneous was

our effect, far-reaching

and lasting.

Fading away goes

slowly until the

next gathering.

Full moonset over Teton Mountains. Grand Teton National Park, WY

Full moonset over Teton Mountains. Grand Teton National Park, WY

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/

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Physical touch

most of us

don’t get enough of.

The RDA for it

is not paid much

attention to.

It takes at least

2 to (two,too) touch.

Rubbing your

sore feet doesn’t


I guess you could

“give” hugs but

that really implies

you want (& need)

one, yourself.

Whether you’re

giving one or

asking for one–

I guess it doesn’t


The touch is


communicative of

your intentions

which usually

boils down to love

& caring.


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3 letters.  If they’re not in your life

put together like that–you

don’t have much going into your fond

memory account.

It’s not the be-all & end-all but its

absence is.

Just doing without enjoying is

racking up a lot of “things” while

you’re not feeling particularly happy

about it all.  Joy is missing–

sometimes we forget or don’t

even know to feel what we’re

doing as enjoyment.  To relax

into that.  It may be there 5%

but it needs to be there 90-100%.

Not of the time–I’m talking about

the quality of experience.  Deeply

felt ones are like wringing the

last bit of water out of a sponge.

Most of us have soggy sponges.

Unused joy that is in the shadows,

the wings, waiting, to color

our experience of life.

Otherwise, it’s a black & white

movie, over at the end & that’s

that.  Not much to write

home about.  Just another

check off the list.  Your bucket

is getting empty, but it often

times doesn’t mean too much.

Fun.  Is it or isn’t it?


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Feed Me!

Often when I’ve given myself fully to the day

I have nothing to offer the page.

The page, blank and naked, unashamedly

screams, Feed me! feed my lines with words

of praise for yourself.  You’ll be doing us

both a favor.

The page can’t really speak but if it could

it would tell me of its loneliness sitting on

my printer waiting for me to come

home & give it some attention.

If it could sit up, it would beg

mercilessly to be fed a snack, even,

preferably a Thanksgiving repast

with all the “trimmings”.

Patient as it is, loyal to no one else

like me, I don’t know what to say

often when we meet at night

after dark like this.

The best I can do is empty my

head onto an open & willing

page until it’s filled or I am


So far neither has happened

yet I feel I’ve fed all that

can legibly be handled

by one page in one night/

morning.  It’s late but

I’m writing anyway.  If you’re

hungry, you’re hungry.


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Inherit the World

Little kids continue to

amaze me.

They seem to be coming from

a purer “heart” space–many

of them.

Parenting can’t be easy, so

their behavior reflects back

on those who’ve affected them,

been an influence.

To be a good role model today

I believe, takes a lot.  To be

real, yet not convey

qualities you would not

like to pass on to your kids,

is a huge challenge.

They see “beyond” or through

your words if they’re not

congruent with your actions.

So from your heart to theirs

needs to be a direct

connection and from there

temper all disciplines initiated.

They’re learning.  You need

to teach them with your

example.  The best you



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Flower Petals

Flower petals


and fall



to the ground.

Lying there



they beautify

the landscape

with floral rainbows

of rest.

Tread lightly on them

if you have to

tread at all for

they have given

their life

their livelihood

for a grander


not to fade

for quite


Silhouetted Joshua trees and sunset. Joshua Tree National Park. California

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/

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When I’m not sure what I’m doing,

the most rewards come.

More challenges, harder work,

esp., to adjust to the newness of it,

is all very stimulating and


I can do it but it takes a lot of

work to make everything gel.

I fall short often.  That just means

I get to learn like everyone else

in life.

Mistakes show progress.

I am more experienced each time

I try.


The Ghost Forest at an extreme minus tide with sunrise and fog. Neskowin, Oregon

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/












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Soul Searchng

In the end, you act when you’re


A team of wild horses couldn’t

hold you back.

Sometimes a gingerly, quiet

move–maybe shyly–gets you

started and surprisingly, more

than half way there.

Big bold moves, little baby

steps–it’s all movement–


My soul still seems to be

in the closet.  Or else it wants

to keep what it knows, what

is it to itself, and I’m left out

of the loop so far.

Why the shyness?  All the

souls need to be out,

rolling up their sleeves

in the world.

It’s not like they’re just

along for the ride.


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