Someday I will change

but for now I’m stubbornly

holding onto my walls

of insecure security.

Insecure because there is no

real ultimate protection

that I’m aware of.  No magic

immortality pill that

renders you invincible to

all attacks.


I could change today.  Would

that upset the apple cart?

Flinging apples here and

there, to and fro

rolling down the street

creating havoc in every

one’s way.

I could.

But would I?  Hit by

a lightning bolt of

inspiration, I may

jump out of my

“comfort” zone and

take a bigger risk than

I’m normally prepared

to take at the drop of a

hat on a moment’s notice.

Is someday today?

Fruit stand at Pike's Market. Seattle, Washington

Fruit stand at Pike’s Market. Seattle, Washington

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography





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Another day

another week

another (school) year


I wonder how I find

the energy to do what

I do each day.

It’s a lot.

I get inspired from

project to project

not really following

a script.

Looking back

I did a lot of

good things for

myself & others

which I hardly take

time to reflect upon

& give myself credit


Pink Lady Hellebore flower in fall grasses. Al's Nursery. Woodburn, Oregon

Pink Lady Hellebore flower in fall grasses. Al’s Nursery. Woodburn, Oregon

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography




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So sad.  Not happy.

Emptiness of soul.

Hollowness of spirit.

Traded my joy

for sadness.

not intending to

do it, it just

arrived unannounced

unwanted and

all over my case

like bugs on an

unsprayed arm.

It will eat away

at me from the

inside until no

more is left


I will see what


I know I’m


notified of the

most important

thing to do


Now is not

that time.

I’m just


sad until

another emotion

receives my














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It’s the flow from one thing

to another without interruption.

One joyful activity after another.

If it’s not fun, why in God’s name

are you doing it?

Get in the flow of good feelings so

you can spend your energy

perpetuating it.

To have to constantly leap out of

the fire back into the pot is

harassing and demeaning.

You’re better than that.

You deserve better than that.

Going where you don’t want

may be a flow of sorts

but mainly you’ve got a

good head of steam, taking

you nowhere, fast.







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Sometimes an empty cupboard

is better than a full one.

You can start over, for one

thing.  Fill it with what

you want.

Too many things hang around

way too long to be useful or


Space is possibility.

Fill it with your


Get only what you love.

Go slow until you find

a right match.

A cupboard full of

things you don’t want

does you no good


Time to clean out!







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Summer Heat

It’s going to be raining

heat rays

in abundance


Records may lose

their esteemed place

and a new year

will take over for a

while.  (For those

who keep track of

such things)

In the meantime,

nothing really

shuts down.

Business as usual.

Some may hole

up until more

clement weather

returns.  Or get up

really early to get

out in the fresh

air & sunshine.

The balance of

the planets’


in the short term–

rights itself from

extremes.  We recover.

Full moonset over Teton Mountains. Grand Teton National Park, WY

Full moonset over Teton Mountains. Grand Teton National Park, WY

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography








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Happy.  That’s the goal.

You can start from there.

That would be best.

If it’s a ways away,

the trip is worth taking,

gently stepping in

each moment toward


Some are impatient

and rash.

They take “foolish”

risks to remain


Leaps often

are greater than

we can take

or are ready


Risks cannot

be avoided in


Let them



carrying you

to the next


A lot of baby

steps amounts

to a lot at

the end of

the day.


Golden helicon (Heliconius hecale) on Black Eyed Susan flower. Portland Oregon Zoo

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography


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A lot of strong, vibrant energy

is wanting to come through my being

and out onto this page.

It’s almost burning it up

before it can be typed.

The ink is black but it could

very well be fire-red

arcing like a welder’s torch

engraving its message.

Fired up, fired in.

Smoldering remains

of an eruption.

Smoke and haze

are all that remain.

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Open to sychonricity.

Be prepared

like a boy scout.

Opportunities will appear.

Where did that come from?

you may exclaim!

Just what I was looking for.

A sharp (knife, idea, person)

to utilize, to use.

Come to the table.

Let’s discuss it.

A bargain is a bargain.

Overpriced, I pass up.

My way is strewn

with bargains.

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Stop Writing?

Stop writing!

Are you out of your mind?

Why would I do that?

Broken arm?


Alzheimer’s.  Yes.

My friends all left me

for a woman.  Maybe.

Stop eating for a week.


Brain fog constantly in.  Yes

and no.

Too much to eat

drowning all my

reserves in digestion.


I won’t stop writing

until we’re all telepathic.









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