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Goosey Loosey

O.K.  Goose.  You and your

friend (another goose–Canadian

geese mate for ‘life’) are hogging

the trail.  Sitting directly in the

path of runners, bikers, walkers–

me!  OK so you had to get up off

your duff  (you have a duff,

don’t you?) and stand

aside while I walked through

–even around–giving you

lots of space wild/tame

as you are/seem to be,

and yet you hissed at

me like you were being

sized up for dinner tonight

(you weren’t).

So, I didn’t appreciate

the unfriendly, even overtly

aggressive treatment

even as I just walked by.

I think you had a feather

up your duff and was just

having a bad goose down


Geese landing with fall colors. Montana

Geese landing with fall colors. Montana

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography



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