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The Hare and the Turtle

“No, you can’t go, you need to rest.

You’ll over do it.  Already it’s a painful

adjustment to increase your exercise

to an aerobic 45 min. session everyday.”

Yes, it isn’t easy to start when you’re

not used to something.  But I took

it one day at a time to see how

far I could go without injury,

crashing, etc.

So far, so good.  My tendency to

“push” and criticize to look for

“perfection” had to be let go.

Slow worked better than I thought.

Lighter weights were a good workout,

anyway.  I can always move up.

I tend to injure going too fast

or pushing too hard.

So, all the voices in my head

are being stood up to for the

vaporous, substance-less, negative

imaginings they are.

I feel better about myself running.

Going slowly until my

conditioning improves makes it

possible.  Thank God!


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