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OK Just as I am

I’m ok just as I am, huh?

That’s a weird, strange concept.

I always figured a little touch

up here & there wouldn’t hurt.

A small improvement in performance.

Increased horsepower or maybe

solar power these days.

I don’t need a make over?  hmm.

Maybe I’m not looking at

the same me others are.

When I talk to them I feel

a bit more ok when nothing’s

changed but our chat.

Can’t puff myself up

set up for deflation

by a pin wielding

Madman or woman?

What a concept.  OK as

I am. Hmm.  That

puts me out of a job!

I’ve been a constant


wanting to tap

my deepest potential.

I guess I can still do

that while not feeling

deficient in any way.

Constantly not liking my

paint job, looking for a

good deal to shine my

fenders & polish my brass.


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Achieving What We Want

It’s amazing how many

excuses we can come up

with when we don’t want

to do something.

And if we do want to do

something–all excuses

fall away–if they were

even validly there, in the

first place.  It’s more like

our fears create barriers

that are based on wild

imaginings, at best,

and convenient alibis,

at worst,

to not do the work of

living, and reap the

rewards of a healthy,

vibrant life.


What does it take to

bring on this state

of readiness to over-

come all manner of

effortful ease in coasting

toward our goals?

Yes, the first move is

ours, before reciprocal

support is seen for

our willingness, and

effort, to go forward

with a solid commitment

to achieving what we want.

Photograph © Dennis Frates Photography

Aspen trees in fall color and around June Lakes Loop.Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, California

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Reaching Father Sun

Inside I’m hatching

a scheme to get out

of this–alive.Image

More than alive–in bliss.

In total joy.  It’s all

in there–the plan to end

all plans.  Don’t worry,

be happy–forget about

the first part.

Happiness is what happiness

was–it never changes–

joy is joy, no matter

what brings it out–like

a flower in the sunshine

–reaching for more–and

closing down at night for

some rest and regeneration.

Photograph © Dennis Frates Photography

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Facing Fear

I think I’ve let my spirit down.

Disappointed and greatly ignored it.

Out of fear, mostly, not neglect.

I knew it was there, urging me to do

what I loved…

No one paid me to do that.  So, I balked.

Fear piped up, and I backed down.

My loss for sure.

To face the anxiety, the “pain”

of fear and walk t-h-r-o-u-g-h  it

is liberating to say the least,

one fear at a time.

But I avoided this weeding process

until my load of fear weighed downImage

pretty heavily from accumulation

and avoidance.

I took the “easy” way out.

So, it becomes quite a cleaning

chore that I didn’t keep up with,

to do all at once–but–that’s

what needs to be done.

A marathon cleaning out session

of all the fears which reside

only between my two

ears–in my thinking.

Photograph © Dennis Frates Photography

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Who Am I?

Mirrors don’t help, really.

Sometimes, I get a glimpse

and voila, I see what was

there all along to everyone–Image

but me!

I’m often shocked

at the reality, the truth of it

I cannot deny…

No wonder my vision was dim

in this area–NOT always

pleasant to see something

in yourself that needs changing!

So, if who I’m pretending to

be is not (really) me, then

how do we go about tracking

this fellow down?  There’s a

price on his head, he tops

the list of the most wanted.

His aliases have deceived the

best of them, but our man

is on the job–Sherlock–

no kidding–he will bring

home his man and collect

the reward.

Photograph © Dennis Frates Photography

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